About Us

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Established over a century ago in 1888, the Victoria City Kennel Club is proud to be one of the oldest all-breed dog clubs in Canada.

We are a non-profit organization that supports the welfare of purebred dogs by encouraging breeders to improve their stock. The Club believes that carefully bred dogs are the best choice to perform their functions, whether it be to hunt by scent or sight, assist the hunter, guard the home or flock, or serve as daily companions.

One of the ways that the Club supports breeders and owners of purebred dogs is by holding Championship shows. We host two all-breed Championship shows; one in March and one in August. Championship shows compare the conformation of the individual dog to the breed standard. The breed standard links physical structure and temperament to the function of the dog.

We share space, whenever possible, in our August show with Clubs that hold obedience, rally or agility trials. Trialing of trained dogs demonstrates their physical and temperamental soundness. These trials also demonstrate the strong human - animal bond as the team of owner and dog work together.

A third way that the Club supports the purebred dog community is through charitable donations to several organizations. Occasionally the Club will put on seminars and information sessions directed towards people who own dogs or those who are involved in canine activities, such as trainers or veterinarians.

We welcome the general public to all our events.

VCKC is accredited by the Canadian Kennel Club and registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia. The Club's area of operation is Southern Vancouver Island.